Shitala Saptami Vrat - 2016

Shitala Saptami Vrat / Shitala Satam Vrat

Shitla Saptami / Sheetala Saptami  is celebrated in Shravan month for worshiping the goddess of child and heat, “Shitala Devi”.

Sheetala Saptami is observed during the Saptami (7th day) of dark fortnight in Chaitra and Shravan Months by various communities.

* Sheetala Mata, is considered an aspect of Shakti. Popularly she is the Hindu goddess of small pox in North India and is known to protect children from  numerous contagious diseases and cure it. 

* Shitala Satam, popularly known as Shitala Satami, is dedicated to Goddes Shitala. the goddess of pox and measles.

* Mothers perform special pujas and offer prayers to Shitla Mata. 

* It is believed that diseases like smallpox can get cure easily with her blessings. So, worship of Shitala mata is performed by women for well-being of their children.

 * Shitala Satam Vrat is observed twice in a year, firstly in the month of Chaitra and secondly in the month of Sravana on the seventh day (Saptami ) of the dark fortnight ( Krishna Paksha ).

This year Shitala Saptami will be  celebrated on-

 Wednesday, 30 March 2016 {Chaitra, Krishna Paksha}.
 Tuesday, 26 July 2016 {Sravana, Krishna Paksha}.

Shitala Mata Ji

* In rural India, she is also considered as an incarnation of Goddess Parvati and Durga, which are two forms of Shakti. Goddess Shitala is popular as Mariamman in Tamil Nadu. She is undoubtedly one of the most popular rural deities and her origin can be traced to the days of Nature Worship.

According to Skanda purana:-

* Sheetala Mata, is considered an aspect of Shakti. Popularly she is the Hindu goddess of small pox in North India and is known to spread the dreaded disease and cure it. 

* In rural India, she is also considered as an incarnation of Goddess Parvati and Durga, which are two forms of Shakti. Goddess Shitala is popular as Mariamman in Tamil Nadu. She is undoubtedly one of the most popular rural deities and her origin can be traced to the days of Nature Worship.

* Legend has it that Goddess Shitala wears a red-colored dress and rides around the villages in North India on a donkey (ass) and inflicting people with the dreaded pox – small pox, chicken pox etc. Symbolically, she represents Nature’s power of generating viruses causing disease and Nature’s healing power and is of tribal origin.

* She is depicted having four hands. In her four hands she carries a silver broom, winnow fan, small bowl and a pitcher with Gangajal, holy water from River Ganga. 

* Occasionally, she is depicted with two hands carrying a broom and pitcher. Symbolically, Goddess Sheetala idol also emphasizes the need for cleanliness.

* It is written in the Skand Purana that donkey is the vehicle of Shitalamata. 

 * The most important festival dedicated to her takes place in Chaitra month, the Ashtami day after Purnima (full moon) in the month is observed as Sheetala Ashtami.

* There are famous temples dedicated to Shitala Devi in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.


Legend of Shitala Mata

* According to Puranas, Shitala, the cooling one, was created by Lord Brahma. She was promised by Brahma that she will be worshipped as a Goddess on earth but she should carry the seeds of lentils.

* In folktales in North India, the lentil is ‘Urad dal.’ She then asked for a companion and she was directed to Lord Shiva, who blessed her and created Jvara Asura (the fever demon). It is said that he was created from the sweat of Lord Shiva. Shitala and Jvara Asura remained in Devaloka along with other gods and goddess. They used a donkey to transport the lentils to wherever they went. But the lentil seeds one day turned into smallpox germs and start to spread the disease among gods and goddesses. Finally, fed up with Goddess Shitala, gods asked her to go and settle on earth where she will be worshipped. Shitala and Jvara Asura came down to earth and started hunting for a place to stay.

* They went to the court of King Birat, an ardent devotee of Shiva. He agreed to worship her and give a place in his kingdom but she will not get the respect given to Shiva. An angry Shitala demanded supremacy over all other gods and when King Birat did not budge. She spread different kinds of pox on the land and finally, the King had to agree to her wishes. Soon the disease and all its after effects were miraculously cured.

  Procedure / Vidhi Of Vrat:

* On this day Shitalamata’s puja is performed after taking bath with cold water. 

* The one who observes the Shitala vrat bathes in a river or in a lake. 

* There Shitaladevi’s image (murti) is placed on the banks of river or lake. 

* Shodashopachar puja is offered by installing the idol of Shitala mata. 

* Those who can afford it, can make golden image of Shitaladevi and together with the image of the vehicle (donkey) place the devi’s image on eight petalled lotus flower.

* Shitaladevi is offered cooked food and ghee. 

* Offer obeisance with joined palms saying ‘My pranam to Shitaladevi’ and make puja.

* Women read and hear Vrat Katha and perform Aarti.

* In some places people offer raw flour and gor (molasses) as naivedya to the devi. 

* Cold meal cooked on the previous day (i.e. Shashti or chhatthi or sixth day) is eaten by devotees during the day.

* Food is cooked on previous day (Krishna Paksha 6) and It’s called as a “Randhan Chhath” and that cook is eaten on the Shitala Satam day. 

*  The previous day is dedicated to cooking and is known as Randhan Chhath.


* For the vratdhari (one who observes this vrat), it is forbidden to eat warmed or hot food on this day.

* On the Shitala Satam day, again, it is the practice all over Gujarat for every household to give the food (that was cooked the previous day and eaten on the day of the ritual) to poor people.

 Vrat katha of Shitala Satam 

{ According to Bhavishyottar purana}

 According to this katha, there was a king of Hastinapur named Indralumna. His wife was Pramila performed religious ceremonies with full devotion. They had a son named as Mahadharma and a daughter Shubhakaari.Shubhakaari was married to prince Gunvaan, son of king Sumati who ruled over Kaundinya Nagar.

Prince Gunvaan, true to his nam, was a virtuous prince. After one year of marriage, Gunvaan went to home of his in-laws to fetch his wife. King asked him to stay over because next day they had to perform Shitala mata vrat. The king invited a Brahmin and his wife for the ceremony of Shitala Saptami Vrat.

Shubhakari with her female friends mounted on a chariot and went to some lake for the puja ceremony of Shitala mata. But unfortunately, they took a wrong turn and got lost their way. Leaving the chariot, they started walking on foot, and dispersed in different directions. Princess Shubhakari was overcome by fatigue and sat under a tree. She saw an elderly woman approaching her and asked her for the way to lake. Then the old woman showed them the way.

After that the princess took bath in lake and performed puja of Shiatala Mata with full devotion and faith. The old woman was herself Shitala mata and she got very happy from the worship of princess. Shitala Mata gave Darshan to the princess. Placing her hand on the head of princess She asked her to state any wish but the princess told that she will ask in time of need.

After that princess and her friends went to meet the Brahmin and his wife. The Brahmin's wife was crying aloud. There they got to know about the death of Brahmin due to snake bite. Then the princess again went to tak bath in the lake, worshipped Shitala mata. Then she  concentrated her mind upon Shitala Mata and wished to restore the life of Brahmin. Shitala Mata was pleased with her blessings  Brahmin got alive again. Everybody was very happy to hear the Mahima of Shitala Mata. After this incident, all people of Hastinapur started celebrating the day of Shitala Satam as a festival.

After Staying for a few days princess Shubhkari went with her husband prince Gunvaan to her in-laws.There also, being impressed by Shitala Mata, they developed faith and devotion. It is said that the children of those who are Shitala vratdhai (who observe this vrat) do not suffer from smallpox and that their wishes get fulfilled.


One can Perform Puja of Shitala Maata with this Mantra:

शीतले हर में पापं, पुत्रा पुत्र सुखप्रदे |
धन धान्यप्रदे देवी, पूजांगृहान नमोस्तुते ||


Aarti Of Sheetala Mata Ji

Jai Sheetala Mata, Maiya Jai Sheetala Mata,
Aadi Jyoti Maharani Sab Phal Ki Daata.
Jai Sheetala Mata...

Ratan Singhasan Shobhit, Shwet Chhatra Bhaata,
Riddhi Sddhi Chanwar Dulavein, Jagmag Chhavi Chhata.

Jai Sheetala Mata...

Vishnu Sewat Thade, Sewein Shiv Dhaata,
Ved Puran Banat Paar Nahi Pata.
Jai Sheetala Mata...

Indra Mridang Bajavat Chandra Veena Haatha,
Sooraj Taal Bajate Naarad Muni Gaata.
Jai Sheetala Mata...

Ghanta Shankh Shehnai Baaje Man Bhaata,
Karein Bhakt Jan Aarti Lakhi Lakhi Harhaata.
Jai Sheetala Mata...

Brahm Roop Vardani Tuhi Teen Kaal Gyaata,
Bhaktan Ko Sukh Deno Matu Pita Bhraata.
Jai Sheetala Mata...

Jo Bhi Dhyan Lagawe Prem Bhakti Laata,
Sakal Manorath Paawe Bhavnidhi Tar Jaata.
Jai Sheetala Mata...

Rogan Se Jo Peedit Koi Sharan Teri Aata,
Kodi Paawe Nirmal Kaaya Andh Netra Paata.
Jai Sheetala Mata...

Banjh PutraKO Paawe Darid Kat Jaata,
Tako Bhaje Jo Nahi Sir Dhuni Pachhtaata.
Jai Sheetala Mata...

Sheetal Karti Janani Tuhi Hai Jag Traata,
Utpatti Vyadhi Vinashak Tu Sab Ki Ghaata.
Jai Sheetala Mata...

Das Vichitra Kar Jode Sun Meri Mata,
Bhakti Aapni Deeje Aur Na Kuchh Bhaata.

 Jai Sheetala Mata...

Jai Sheetala Mata, Maiya Jai Sheetala Mata;
Aadi Jyoti Maharani Sab Phal Ki Daata.


शीतला माता जी की आरती

जय शीतला माता, मैया जय शीतला माता, 
आदि ज्योति महारानी सब फल की दाता |
 जय शीतला माता...
रतन सिंहासन शोभित, श्वेत छत्र भ्राता, 
ऋद्धिसिद्धि चंवर डोलावें, जगमग छवि छाता |
 जय शीतला माता...
विष्णु सेवत ठाढ़े, सेवें शिव धाता,  
वेद पुराण बरणत पार नहीं पाता |  
जय शीतला माता...
इन्द्र मृदंग बजावत चन्द्र वीणा हाथा,  
सूरज ताल बजाते नारद मुनि गाता |  
जय शीतला माता...
घंटा शंख शहनाई बाजै मन भाता,  
करै भक्त जन आरती लखि लखि हरहाता |  
जय शीतला माता...
ब्रह्म रूप वरदानी तुही तीन काल ज्ञाता,  
भक्तन को सुख देनौ मातु पिता भ्राता |  
जय शीतला माता...
जो भी ध्यान लगावैं प्रेम भक्ति लाता,  
सकल मनोरथ पावे भवनिधि तर जाता |  
जय शीतला माता...
रोगन से जो पीड़ित कोई शरण तेरी आता, 
कोढ़ी पावे निर्मल काया अन्ध नेत्र पाता |  
जय शीतला माता...
बांझ पुत्र को पावे दारिद कट जाता,  
ताको भजै जो नाहीं सिर धुनि पछिताता |  
जय शीतला माता...
शीतल करती जननी तुही है जग त्राता,  
उत्पत्ति व्याधि विनाशत तू सब की घाता |  
जय शीतला माता...
दास विचित्र कर जोड़े सुन मेरी माता,  
भक्ति आपनी दीजै और न कुछ भाता |  
जय शीतला माता...


श्री शीतला चालीसा
दोहा :-  

जय जय माता शीतला तुमही धरे जो ध्यान। होय बिमल शीतल हृदय विकसे बुद्धी बल ज्ञान।।
घट घट वासी शीतला शीतल प्रभा तुम्हार। शीतल छैंय्या शीतल मैंय्या पल ना दार।।

चौपाई :-
जय जय श्री शीतला भवानी। जय जग जननि सकल गुणधानी।।
गृह गृह शक्ति तुम्हारी राजती। पूरन शरन चंद्रसा साजती।।
विस्फोटक सी जलत शरीरा। शीतल करत हरत सब पीड़ा।।
मात शीतला तव शुभनामा। सबके काहे आवही कामा।।
शोक हरी शंकरी भवानी। बाल प्राण रक्षी सुखदानी।।
सूचि बार्जनी कलश कर राजै। मस्तक तेज सूर्य सम साजै।।
चौसट योगिन संग दे दावै। पीड़ा ताल मृदंग बजावै।।
नंदिनाथ भय रो चिकरावै। सहस शेष शिर पार ना पावै।।
धन्य धन्य भात्री महारानी। सुर नर मुनी सब सुयश बधानी।।
ज्वाला रूप महाबल कारी। दैत्य एक विश्फोटक भारी।।
हर हर प्रविशत कोई दान क्षत। रोग रूप धरी बालक भक्षक।।
हाहाकार मचो जग भारी। सत्यो ना जब कोई संकट कारी।।
तब मैंय्या धरि अद्भुत रूपा। कर गई रिपुसही आंधीनी सूपा।।
विस्फोटक हि पकड़ी करी लीन्हो। मुसल प्रमाण बहु बिधि कीन्हो।।
बहु प्रकार बल बीनती कीन्हा। मैय्या नहीं फल कछु मैं कीन्हा।।
अब नही मातु काहू गृह जै हो। जह अपवित्र वही घर रहि हो।।
पूजन पाठ मातु जब करी है। भय आनंद सकल दुःख हरी है।।
अब भगतन शीतल भय जै हे। विस्फोटक भय घोर न सै हे।।
श्री शीतल ही बचे कल्याना। बचन सत्य भाषे भगवाना।।
कलश शीतलाका करवावै। वृजसे विधीवत पाठ करावै।।
विस्फोटक भय गृह गृह भाई। भजे तेरी सह यही उपाई।।
तुमही शीतला जगकी माता। तुमही पिता जग के सुखदाता।।
तुमही जगका अतिसुख सेवी। नमो नमामी शीतले देवी।।
नमो सूर्य करवी दुख हरणी। नमो नमो जग तारिणी धरणी।।
नमो नमो ग्रहोंके बंदिनी। दुख दारिद्रा निस निखंदिनी।।
श्री शीतला शेखला बहला। गुणकी गुणकी मातृ मंगला।।
मात शीतला तुम धनुधारी। शोभित पंचनाम असवारी।।
राघव खर बैसाख सुनंदन। कर भग दुरवा कंत निकंदन।।
सुनी रत संग शीतला माई। चाही सकल सुख दूर धुराई।।
कलका गन गंगा किछु होई। जाकर मंत्र ना औषधी कोई।।
हेत मातजी का आराधन। और नही है कोई साधन।।
निश्चय मातु शरण जो आवै। निर्भय ईप्सित सो फल पावै।।
कोढी निर्मल काया धारे। अंधा कृत नित दृष्टी विहारे।।
बंधा नारी पुत्रको पावे। जन्म दरिद्र धनी हो जावे।।
सुंदरदास नाम गुण गावत। लक्ष्य मूलको छंद बनावत।।
या दे कोई करे यदी शंका। जग दे मैंय्या काही डंका।।
कहत राम सुंदर प्रभुदासा। तट प्रयागसे पूरब पासा।।
ग्राम तिवारी पूर मम बासा। प्रगरा ग्राम निकट दुर वासा।।
अब विलंब भय मोही पुकारत। मातृ कृपाकी बाट निहारत।।
बड़ा द्वार सब आस लगाई। अब सुधि लेत शीतला माई।।
यह चालीसा शीतला पाठ करे जो कोय। सपनें दुख व्यापे नही नित सब मंगल होय।।
बुझे सहस्र विक्रमी शुक्ल भाल भल किंतू। जग जननी का ये चरित रचित भक्ति रस बिंतू।।

॥ इतिश्री शीतला माता चालीसा समाप्त॥



  1. Thank you for educating about this vrat. It is indeed a great help for people far away from home(India) and curious to know about our culture and practice it.