Hanuman Bahuk

Hanuman Bahuk is an important and powerful prayer dedicated to Hanuman Ji and was written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Hanuman Bahuk literally means’The Arm of Hanuman’.
Once, Tulsidas had an unbearable pain in one of his arms and shoulders and out of vaat (wind) and was in agony due to eruptions on the skin. Several cures like medicine, amulets, mantras were tried but the condition worsened day by day. He then composed a stotra extolling the glory and greatness of Hanuman Ji and prayed  Him to cure his body ailments. Miraculously due to the grace of Hanuman Ji, Tulsidas got instant relief from the excruciating pain. 

This stotra is known as the Hanuman Bahuk/ Hanuman Baahuk.  It consists of 44 verses. It has two, one, five and 36 verses respectively in the Chhappaya, Jhulna, Savaiya and Ghanakshari metre.

Continuous chanting of Hanuman Bahuk is believed to cure the devotee of diseases and all evils and  is also helpful in removing obstacles from the devotee's path and fulfilling his wishes..

It is believed that chanting Hanuman Bahuk helps in:-

*curing various body pains and diseases,
*curing psychological problems,
*removing fear of ghosts,
*removing black magic
*defeating enemies etc.

Method of chanting Hanuman Bahuk:-

*Devotee can chant Hanuman Bahuk daily as part of his normal prayers.
*Another method of chanting Hanuman Bahuk is by doing certain austerities for 40 days. On all forty days, Hanuman Bahuk is chanted in the morning.
*The devotee should eat only vegetarian food. He should not smoke and drink during the period. *He should not be involved in gossips and  unnecessary talks.

Here I am presenting Shri Hanuman Bahuk in English text, Hindi text and with meaning. Kindly click on desired link. 

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