Chandra Grahan - 2016

 Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse

There are two lunar eclipses – Chandra Grahan – in 2016.

Both are visible in India.

23th March 2016 Wednesday
Much of Asia, Australia, North America, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica
16/17th Sept 2016
Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, West in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica

*Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in India.
*No Eclipse in Umbra.
*Penumbral Eclipse Not Visible to the Naked Eye.
*First Contact with the Penumbra - 22:27:22 on 16th, September.
*Maximum of Lunar Eclipse - 00:25:48
*Last Contact with the Penumbra - 02:24:15
*Duration of Penumbral Phase - 03 Hours 56 Mins 52 Secs


What is Sutak:

Before a certain time period of Chandra Grahan and Surya Grahan, the environment starts getting contaminated with harmful objects. This time period is known as Sutak. It is believed that auspicious tasks should NOT be performed during Sutak.

During Sutak, following activities should be avoided:

*Sutak starts 12 hours before Surya Grahan and 9 hours before Chandra Grahan.
*One should not perform any auspicious work during Sutak.
*The idols and images of deities should not be touched and worshiped.
*Bath should be taken after Sutak to avoid its harmful effects.
*Sutak is applicable to those places only where Grahan or eclipse is visible.


 Common rituals followed during Chandra Grahan

In contemporary time also, most people take the day of Chandra grahan very seriously. They follow some old rituals to protect themselves from evil influence of grahan. Lunar eclipse usually occurs at late night or early morning when people used to enjoy their sleep. But people who go outside for work at the time of grahan should certainly ignore looking at sky or moon. But still it often happens that people get influenced or come under attack of evil affect of grahan. This can cause observable change in certain areas of life like income, career or married life for some time. 

Moon can also show its affect over emotions and mind of people who get influence due to Chandra grahan. It may even cause mental disability, especially to fetus of mothers as per beliefs mentioned in Hindu mythologies. 

However, remedies of moon can be performed to reduce evil effects of this planet or for Chandra grahan shanti (pacify). Once grahan is over, taking bath is also considered important for purification. After completion of grahan time, ladies cook fresh meals to eat. Some people do not eat anything at the time of grahan. 

This way, there are innumerable conceptions attached with chandra grahan. And people, especially Hindus take each auspicious and inauspicious day or occasion significantly . For them, 'chandra grahan' is not fortunate. 


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