Aarti Collection (Godesses)

* The word 'Aarti' is derived from the Sanskrit word Aratrika, which means something that removes Ratri, darkness.
* Aartis are performed during the puja of various Indian gods and goddesses.
* Aarti is generally performed after we finish prayers. Often called the "ceremony of light", aarti is performed to please the Divine Lord. It involves waving lighted wicks (jyoti / jot) before the sacred images to infuse the flames with the Deities' love, energy and blessings.
* Aarti songs (devotional songs) are also known as Aartis.
* Aartis are the verses or sonnets (poetic or lyrical), in the  form of praise of a God.
Here we are presenting some aartis in English as well as hindi text.

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