Chalisa Collection

* The word ‘Chalisa’ is derived from ‘Chalis’.‘Chalis’ is a Hindi word meaning ‘forty(40)’. And ‘Chalisa’ literally means the group of 40. In Hindu religion chalisas are written in praise and devotion of gods and godesses.

* A ‘Chalisa’ has 40 verses excluding the couplets (doha) at the beginning and at the end.

* Doha is a very old and still popular "verse-format" of Indian poetry. ‘Do’ is a hindi word meaning ‘two (2)’. 

* Doha is an independent verse, a couplet, the meaning of which is vast and complete in itself.  

Dohas written by Bihari, Kabir, Tulsidas, Raskhan, Rahim and Nanak and many others are priceless treasure of our culture.

Here we are presenting some chalisas in English as well as hindi text.

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