Agrasen Jayanti - 2017

Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti (i.e. "Maharaj Agrasen's birthday")  is the birth anniversary of Maharaj Agrasen. 

Agrasen Jayanti is annually celebrated by the Aggarwal and Agrahari Samaj, a sect within the Hindu community, in the honour of their revered forefather, Maharaja Agrasen. It is observed on the first day of the waxing phase of moon in Ashwin month i.e.  Ashwin Shukla Paksha Pratipada.

Maharaja Agrasen was a legendary king of Agroha, from where Agrawal trace their origins. It literally means 'Son of Agrasen.' In hindi , Agra means Agrasen and Wal means balak.

In the year 2017 Agrasen Jayanti is on 21 September 2017 (Thursday).

In the year 2015 Agrasen Jayanti was on 13 October 2015  (Tuesday)
In the year 2016 Agrasen Jayanti was on    1 October 2016 (Saturday)
In the year 2017Agrasen Jayanti is on      21 September 2017 (Thursday)
In the year 2018 Agrasen Jayanti is on     10 October 2018 (Wednesday)
In the year 2019 Agrasen Jayanti is on     29 September 2019 (Sunday)
In the year 2020 Agrasen Jayanti is on     17 October 2020 (Saturday)


Maharaja Agrasen

Maharaja Agrasen was a legendary king who established the Republic of Agroha, which was predominantly dwelled by the traders and businessmen. He was known for his principles of equality, nationalism, socialism and non-violence, which formed the basis of his governance. Maharaja Agrasen, a descendent of the Suryavanshi dynasty, was a contemporary of Lord Krishna and ruled during the Dwapar YugA. There are numerous other accounts that connect Agrasena Maharaj with Sri Krishna.



He was born about 5185 years ago around the time of Mahabharat. That was the last leg of DwaparYuga and beginning of Kaliyuga. He was the eldest son of king Vallabh of Pratapnagar. He was a Suryavansh Kshtriya King.




The young Maharaja Agrasen attended the Swayamvar of Princess Madhavi, daughter of King Nagaraj. Many of the kings around the world attended including the Indra, king of Devas. Princess Madhavi selected Prince Agrasen as her husband and they got married. This marriage merged Suryavansh and Nagvansh cultures and they had 18 children.


Maharaja Agrasen established the 18 Gotras after the names of Gurus who performed the 18 Yagnas, one for each of 18 sons.

The 18 Gotras are - 

Garg, Goyal, Goyan(half), Bansal, Kansal, Singhal, Mangal, Jindal, Tingal, Airan, Dharan, Madhukul, Bindal, Mittal, Tayal, Bhandal, Nagal, Kuchhal.

Actually according to faith, there are 17 and half Gotras. Goyan is considered as half Gotra. Maharaja Agrasen conducted 18 AshwamedhYagnas. During the 18th yagna, the horse started crying as he became aware of his approaching death (according to vedic tradition, the yagna consider to be completed only after the sacrifice of the horse used in Yagna). This melted Maharaja Agrasen’s heart and he decided not to sacrifice the horse, resulting the 18th Yagna were considered to be half done.


Foundation of Agroha Kingdom

It is said that Maharaja Agrasen performed strict penance to seek blessings for the prosperity of his kingdom and his people. Maharaja Agrasen worshipped lord Vishnu in the city of Kashi. Impressed by his worship lord Vishnu told him to worship Maa Lakshmi and soon his problems will be heard. As stated by lord Vishnu, he worshipped the goddesses Lakshm. Pleased by the devotion of Agresena, goddess Laxmi soon appeared before him. She then advised Agrasena to take up the profession of business, which was usually carried out by the vaishya community.  She informed him that this would ensure prosperity for his subjects till eternity. Following the advice of goddess Laxmi, Agrasena became a businessman, despite having been born a Kayasta. It is believed that is due to his blessings and penance that the people of Aggarwal and Agrahari samaj, most of whom are businessmen by profession, continue to flourish even to this day.

Goddesses Lakshmi told him to make a new kingdom and hence origin of his kingdom took place.So, King Agrasen and his wife roam various places to search for a place where they could make a new kingdom and they stumbled upon a place where tiger cubs were playing among each other. They considered this as good omen and considered that place as Veer Bhoomi and that place was Agroha. In the coming future this place is a holy temple and site for the Agarwal people and here a big temple dedicated to Vaishnav devi and Agrasen is built here.

This place is situated near Hisar, in Haryana. It is said that, the way Agarwal used to deal with business problems was really great. And this is the reason why King Akbar had two Agarwal in his group of ministers. One was Todarmal, who introduced the land systems and another one was Madhushai.


Celebrations of Agrasen Jayanti

* People of the Aggrawal and Agrahari Samaj celebrate Agrasen Jayanti with great zeal and fervor.
* Many shobhayatra’s depicting the life and working of Maharaja Agrasen are taken out in various parts of the country on this day.
* The devotees also worship Maharaja Agrasen and goddess Laxmi on this day and seek their blessings for greater prosperity and peace and harmony for their families.
* The day is also considered extremely auspicious for beginning any new venture or business. 

*  The UP state Government has officially declared holiday on the occasion of Agrasen Jayanti in Uttar Pradesh. 
*In North Indian state of Haryana, there is also a public holiday on Agrasen Jayanti.
* Agrasena jayanti is celebrated in across India among Agrahari, Agrawal and Jain. On this day, descendants of Agrasena busy themselves in social welfare activities. 
* Free medical camps, food distribution and several cultural functions and program are taken up to spread the message of equality and brotherhood.


Agroha Town

Agroha was the capital of legendary Emperor Agrasen with ideology of "One brick one rupee".
Agroha (29.20 N 75.38 E) is an ancient town in Haryana, it is situated in Hisar district in between Hisar city and Fatehabad on NH 10. It is believed to be the birthplace of the Agarwal and Agrahari communities.
Ancient structures, pot-shards, coins and seals have been found in archaeological excavations.


Agrasen ki Baoli in Delhi. 


It is believed that it was originally built by the Maharaja Agrasen during the Mahabharat epic era and rebuilt in the 14th century by the Agrawal community, who traces its origin to Maharaja Agrasen.


Stamps issued in 1976 in the honour of Maharaja Agrasen


The Government of India issued a postage stamp in honor of Maharaja Agresen in 1976 on occasion of his 5100th Jayanti.

Maharaja Agrasen Ji Ki Aarti

महाराज अग्रसेन जी की आरती

जय श्री अग्र हरे, स्वामी जय श्री अग्र हरे..! कोटि कोटि नत मस्तक, सादर नमन करें ..!! जय श्री!

आश्विन शुक्ल एकं, नृप वल्लभ जय! अग्र वंश संस्थापक, नागवंश ब्याहे..!! जय श्री!

केसरिया थ्वज फहरे, छात्र चवंर धारे! झांझ, नफीरी नौबत बाजत तब द्वारे ..!! जय श्री!

अग्रोहा राजधानी, इंद्र शरण आये! गोत्र अट्ठारह अनुपम, चारण गुंड गाये..!! जय श्री!

सत्य, अहिंसा पालक, न्याय, नीति, समता! ईंट, रूपए की रीति, प्रकट करे ममता..!! जय श्री!

ब्रहम्मा, विष्णु, शंकर, वर सिंहनी दीन्हा! कुल देवी महामाया, वैश्य करम कीन्हा..!! जय श्री!

अग्रसेन जी की आरती, जो कोई नर गाये! कहत त्रिलोक विनय से सुख संम्पति पाए..!! जय श्री!



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